Leica Zeno GG04 plus Professional Smart Antenna

Leica Zeno GG04plus Smart Antenna Gathering high accuracy geospatial information on your tablet or smartphone.


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Leica GG04 Plus Professional GNSS Receiver – All Signals

Designed to perform in extreme working environments, the Leica GG04 plus is easy to use.  Using the GG04 plus smart antenna and Leica Zeno Mobile app, you now have the ultimate GIS asset collection from one trusted provider.
Leica Zeno GG04 plus light-weight, easy-to-use, and accurate solution will increase your data capture productivity.  Zeno mobile is a free AP that can be used with iOS, Android, or windows for FREE.  Use your smartphone or tablet you already have.
Using Bluetooth on your device Leica GG04 plus smart antenna can obtain high accuracy GNSS positions. When using a base station network in combination with the GG04 plus you can achieve an accuracy as precise as 1 centimeter. With the power of smart antenna technology, you can capture high accuracy data anywhere without limits.

Collecting high-accuracy geospatial data on your smartphone or tablet has never been easier.

Pair with all existing Leica Zeno handhelds and a wide range of Android, Apple or Windows® smart devices, to bring cutting-edge GNSS technology and industry-leading 555 channel tracking power to your hands.

The rugged, flexible, and easy-to-use smart antenna utilizes RTK technology and can now apply Precise Point Positioning (PPP). This makes high-accuracy data collection possible in real-time even in the most demanding of locations without the need for a mobile data connection.

With its compact, lightweight design and IP68 durability, you can work longer in all conditions – the world of high accuracy mapping comes to life at your fingertips.

Smart device independence
  • Use your existing smartphone or tablet
  • Available for Android, Apple, and Windows®
  • Bluetooth® connection ensures cable-free operation
Enhanced tracking performance
  • 555 channels support an increased number of satellites
  • State-of-the-art GNSS technology
  • Ready for future GNSS developments
Precise point positioning (PPP)
  • Achieve high accuracy data collection without a mobile data connection
  • Available anywhere in the world, anytime
  • Removes reliance on post-processing
Extensive software support
  • Use with your favorite data collection apps and software
  • No development efforts required
  • Provides NMEA messages output on different Bluetooth® ports to allow reviewing and storing of GNSS metadata information
Built to last
  • IP68 protection ensures water and dust-proofing
  • Continuous performance in all environments
  • All-day battery life
Leica Geosystems compatible software
  • Zeno Mobile
  • Zeno Field, Zeno Connect
  • Zeno Office
  • MobileMatriX

Leica Zeno GG04

Technical specifications

  • Type: One or two frequency
  • GNSS engine: NovAtel
  • channels: 555
  • RTK fixed with : L1 / L2 horizontal 0.02 m vertical 0.03 m
  • reception: GPS, opt. Glonass, Galileo, Beidou
  • Protection: class IP68
  • Storage  :4 GB internal, 32 GB SD
  • Positioning: 20 Hz
  • Power supply: Li-ion battery 2.6 Ah, up to 8 h operation (RTK)
  • Weight:0.8 kg with battery
  • Dimensions :99 x 259 x 40 mm³


  • GG04+ Professional (with all signals turned on: GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO)
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • GKL311 Single Charger with AC and car adapter
  • GLS30 Telescopic Carbon Fiber GNSS pole
  • GHT62, Pole holder base plate for CS10 and CS15 field controller.
  • GHT63, Clamp arrangement for attaching the GHT62 holder to all poles.
  • 1 YR SPOT LITE OPTION FOR GG04 (In order to utilize Spot-Lite or Spot Prime, the GG04 SmartAntenna must have the Multi-frequency GNSS option active)
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty included.

Reference Library

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