Welcome to Califf Surveying, the leading Leica Total Stations supplier that meets your land surveying requirements. With close to 50 years in the industry, our product expertise has enabled us to reach and suffice the needs of a wider target market by offering innovative measurement products relevant to surveying, construction, mining, GIS, and fleet management.

Our mission at Califf Surveying is to work with all our customers; we, therefore, cast our net wide to accommodate both the upcoming and large enterprises and prioritize their requirements without discrimination. We aim to align our customers’ needs and goals to our business and that is why we have created a dedicated team that can effectively communicate with you in a bid to prevent problems with supply delays and product non-conformities.

Being among the leading Leica Total Stations suppliers, we have a proactive attitude towards continuous improvement, thus serious about maintaining long-term and high-volume customer relationships. Additionally, we are quality conscious and have established a quality management system compliant with the set laws.

Given our vast experience in the industry, Califf Surveying is more oriented towards continuous improvement and will go above and beyond to improve efficiency in our supply operations.

We are also aware of the problem of suppliers dealing with low-cost consumer products. We have thus implemented lean supply techniques to identify the causes of product quality issues, and the feedback from our customers helps us work with the manufacturer to fix them.

Finding a reliable Leica Total Stations is a tough problem for most entrepreneurs most especially the small scale individuals, so while other suppliers will prioritize orders for the large scale entrepreneurs, Califf Surveying treats all orders with the same urgency thus ensures to offer timely delivery to our already existing and prospective clients.

We pride ourselves on the well-polished, comprehensive services we provide our customers. You can, therefore, expect to interact with a team that is more than willing to work with you and offer the best prices on the high-quality survey equipment. At Califf surveying, communication is key, as it helps ensure you get the right products for your business.

Califf surveying has raised the competitive bar in the survey industry by organizing and constantly updating information on the quality standards of our products and here we have consolidated information on performance standards and the known quality issues. Customers will, therefore, find information on the product specifications and requirements, and just to offer a little insight is that you will be provided with the materials, dimensions, and colors of the respective products.

As suppliers, it is our responsibility to keep up with the legislation and standards provided by the government thus are always on the lookout for a change in the regulatory requirement. And to serve you better, we maintain clear and updated quality records and comply with the set packaging standards, including the shipping markings, retail printing files, and labeling of our customer’s orders.